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Guía de Vino 2021 Semana Vitivinícola has awarded great scores to Losada Vinos de Finca

with 98 points for Altos de Losada Godello, La Bienquerida and El Cepón.

Inicio | Guía de vino 2021 semana vitivinícola has awarded great scores to losada vinos de finca

13 de July de 2021

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Altos de Losada Godello, Villa de San Lorenzo 2019

Perfumed and deep. Ripe white fruit (apple), apple peel. Elegant mineral traces, grey stone and chalk. Collection of peppers, dried herbs and flowers. Creamy lees and elegantly smoky undertones. Great presence on the palate, with elegance, lemony herbs and a unctuous mouthfeel. Fantastic structure and great ageing potential.

El Cepón 2019

Elegant and concentrated. Sweet, ripe wild black berries, bitu men, wax, undergrowth and peat. Fine balsamic notes, clear mineral profile (grey), complex and spicy, with lactic hints at the end of the nose. Fleshy palate, with floral and citrus peel notes. Great structure, rich acidity and silky tannins. Racial, saline, long and with a lot of potential.

La Bienquerida 2019, vino de paraje

Ripe and balsamic black fruit, plum skin, green and roasted coffee, liquorice root, peat, flower petal, tobacco, lactic notes. Mineral profile (grey), meaty, spicy, pepper and cumin, fragrant and minty liqueur. Tasty and full-bodied, rich fruity acidity, with elegant bitterness. Great balance and potential.

Losada Godello 2020

Ripe white fruit and citrus, lime peel, cut grass and hay. Mineral and saline profile, collection of peppers, ginger, herbal infusion, smoky ash undertones. Full-bodied and flavoursome on the palate. Frank, vertical and citric, with great structure and feel. Very long, with potential

Losada 2019

Perfumed. Sweet black fruit, honeycomb wax and plum skin. Red mineral undertone (clay), elegant peppers and fresh balsa mic notes, flower and peat. Elegant palate, measured acidity, savoury toasted notes, smoke, silky tannins. Long and well balanced. iw bris fiunt end

Altos de Losada 2019, villa de Valtuille de Arriba

Black fruit, plums and blackberries, floral notes, waxy notes from the crianza. Sweet and spicy woods, liquorice, leather, coconut water and a slightly lactic undertone. Grey mineral impression. Frank and tasty palate, with a very good acid structure and cre amy tannins. Good fruit content, very long.

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