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The Winery

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The winery is situated in Cacabelos on the road to Villafranca del Bierzo. This location, in the centre of a triangle formed by Cacabelos, Villafranca and Toral de los Vados, allows the best possible access to the production zone of
most of the quality grapes produced in Bierzo.

The Property
Aiming to make an elegant new wave Bierzo wine, Losada Vinos de Finca boldly sought out old Bierzo vineyards traditionally planted on clay soils, a terroir which had been relatively overlooked by the Bierzo’s new wave.
As a result, Losada was established on the outskirts of the village of Pieros, on the St James pilgrimage route, midway between Cacabelos and Villafranca del Bierzo.
The company also owns vineyard plots mainly planted on clay soils around Valtuille de Arriba, where grapes for Altos de Losada are produced.

Wine Maker:

Amancio Fernández Gómez (París, 1972).
Since 2005, Amancio Fernández is in-house oenologist at the Losada Vinos de Finca bodega, a young venture whose philosophy is to extract the maximum expression from the region’s terroir via the painstaking selection of estates and vineyards. “Our aim is to find exceptional clay-soil plots in Valtuille and Pieros, capable of producing elegant and complex Mencía”.

Complexity and elegance are the grassroots of the Losada Vinos de Finca project, where, in addition to the conscientious selection of vineyards in order to express the true character of the region, the grapes belonging to each individual estate are handled independently at the bodega. Furthermore, the ageing process is regarded as a means of adding complexity and nuances to the wine, increasing its longevity. All of which is geared towards expressing the terroir of El Bierzo, with the greatest authenticity possible. “Our philosophy is to respect the environment and make elegant wines” Amancio summarised.

Spanish Wine Maker, Amancio Fernández

Wine-making approach

In the cellars, we are as non-interventionist as possible and aim to bring out in the wine-making the character of the vineyard and the quality of the vintage that our painstaking work in the vines has sought to enhance. Our wine-making approach is underpinned by a combination of solid technical know-how and the experience and intuition gained from more than ten vintages in Bierzo. 

Harvest and vinification
We harvest by hand, placing the bunches in small plastic crates that are taken as quickly as possible to the harvest reception area of the winery. The fruit undergoes rigorous sorting on the vines so that any additional sorting required at the winery is minimal. The grapes are then de-stemmed and gently crushed before the fermentation begins naturally with the indigenous yeasts of the grape skins. The frequency of pump-overs and the temperature of fermentation are adjusted according to the character of the vintage. The new wines are then run off the skins into barrels for the malolactic fermentation.
Our wines are differentiated according to vineyard origin rather than length of time spent in barrel. We believe that the role of the barrel is to let the wine breathe slowly through the pores of the oak and thus bring added complexity and greater longevity to the wine without losing its freshness and varietal character.  We oak barrels that show the true character of the forests the wood was sourced from and which are best suited to the delicate and elegant wines that we produce. Our reliable French coopers are requested to supply us with lightly toasted barrels, taking into account the characteristics of each vintage.

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